Integrate Open-Xchange with Odin Service Automation (former Parallels Automation)

The integration of Open-Xchange with Odin Service Automation OSA (former Parallels Automation (PA)) consists of the following documentation. Please note that the Parallels service provider division has changed its name to Odin. This means that many of the products referred to on this page have also changed their name.

The OSA Provider Deployment Guide
Guide for the provider on how to setup and integrate OSA with Open-Xchange.
The OSA Subscriber Guide
Guide for customers of the provider on how to use the Open-Xchange service integrated in OSA. (work in progress)
Testcases to integrate Open-Xchange with OSA
Testcases to test whether the integration works as required. (work in progress)

Note: This page has been updated. The former OSA Integration instructions for providers can now be found in the The OSA Provider Deployment Guide, see above.