OXAbuseShield:Version Support Commitment

Open-Xchange Version Support Commitment

OX Abuse Shield Version

A detailed description of the different versions of Open-Xchange can be found in the Support Definitions document included in the contract.

  • New Generation (OX Abuse Shield 2.0): A new release that may contain major feature changes, new architecture or different technology.
  • Major Release (OX Abuse Shield 2.2.0): A major update of OX Abuse Shield that will normally include all the changes provided by Minor Releases for the current version. They are cumulative so a customer has to install the latest Major Release to benefit from all changes that are available for OX Abuse Shield. Major Releases also provide functional enhancements. A Licensee is therefor encouraged to install all Major Releases as soon as feasible.
  • Minor Release (OX Abuse Shield 2.2.1): A change of OX Abuse Shield that is released on a regular basis, containing minor feature enhancements as well as solutions for known problems. Minor Releases go through quality assurance testing and APIs are not changed.

OS Distribution Support

  • OX Abuse Shield will only be supported for distributions that have active support from the OS vendor.
  • OX Abuse Shield will support the last 2 stable major releases for each supported OS distribution.
  • OX Abuse Shield packages will be built against the latest OS distribution point release (at the time a version is released). We cannot provide packages built against previous OS releases due to build system limitations.
    • OS Support attaches to a New Generation/Major version at the time it is packaged and released. Thus, once released, an OX Abuse Shield Major version is frozen when it comes to the OS versions supported on it. Minor Releases will be built using the OS distributions supported for the parent Major release.
    • OS Support for a release can be seen by looking at the Release Notes. The Release Notes will identify which OS distributions the version was built on.
  • Support for a new OS will only be added in an OX Abuse Shield New Generation or Major Release. OS Support will not be added in Minor releases.
    • When support for a new OS distribution is added in a Major release, a message will be added to the Release Notes indicating that support for the oldest existing supported OS distribution will be dropped in a future release.

Support Commitment

New Generation

When a New Generation is released, the previous New Generation will be supported for at least 12 Months after First Customer Shipment (FCS) of the New Generation Release. The exact date support will end for the previous generation will be announced and communicated to customers by OX when it is decided.

Major Releases

A Major Release will be supported for 6 Months after First Customer Shipment (FCS) of the following Major Release.

Minor Releases

Support for Minor Releases is the same as the support for the parent Major Release. (e.g. OX Abuse Shield 2.2.1 has the same support commitment as 2.2.0).

OX Abuse Shield

Release First Customer Shipment (FCS) Supported Commitment
v1.4.4 2018-07-16 Discontinued Support (since 2019-07-16)
v2.0.0 2019-01-16 Discontinued Support (since 2020-05-07)
v2.0.1 2019-04-24 Discontinued Support (since 2020-05-07)
v2.2.0 2019-11-07 Discontinued Support (since 2021-02-12)
v2.2.1 2019-12-06 Discontinued Support (since 2021-02-12)
v2.2.2 2020-04-20 Discontinued Support (since 2021-02-12)
v2.4.0 2020-08-13 Discontinued Support (since 2022-06-02)
v2.4.1 2021-07-08 Discontinued Support (since 2022-06-02)
v2.6.0 2021-12-02 Discontinued Support (since 2023-06-22)
v2.6.1 2021-12-22 Discontinued Support (since 2023-06-22)
v2.6.2 2022-05-24 Discontinued Support (since 2023-06-22)
v2.8.0 2022-12-19 Support Commitment (until 2024-07-09)
v2.10.1 2024-01-09 Support Commitment