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HOWTO - Access session list in Hazelcast storage

Note: currenty this script is disfunctional as our current jolokia security setup disables the correponding request. Keeping that page for historical reasons.

This article describes how to access session information exposed through JMX by Open-Xchange with the Jolokia JMX-to-HTTP bridge.

Currently there is no dedicated tool shipped with Open-Xchange to get information about currently existing sessions on the system. This documentation and provided example script exposes access to this information if open-xchange-sessionstorage-hazelcast is used to provide clusterwide session management.

Please note that the script referenced here is by no means production ready or supported! Use and modify it on your own risk!

  • Prepare your system to be able to use Jolokia: Jolokia
  • Get this archive File:Listsessions.zip and install it on any node
  • Replace username, password and baseurl in listsessions.pl to match your Jolokia configuration

Example output

 [root@ox1 ox]# ./listsessions.pl 
 contextId:47 userId:2 login:userA client:open-xchange-appsuite localIp:A.B.C.D
 contextId:10004 userId:2 login:userB client:OSX.OXDrive localIp:A.B.C.D


  • DAV sessions are not saved into Hazelcast because they are transient and short living, therefore not appearing in the output
  • USM sessions do not appear in the output

Generic HOWTO about the concept for using Jolokia to get JMX provided data: Jolokia_LoginCounter_HOWTO