FAQ Webmail4Free

Open-Xchange FAQ for Webmail4Free

Q: Who does the OX Webmail4Free program target?
A: The Open-Xchange Webmail4Free program targets all companies providing Internet services to their client, for example ISPs, Hosting companies, Mobile Carriers and other telecommunications companies but also academic and non-profit organizations. With the program these companies can easily enter the attractive SaaS market and can offer new, interesting services to their clients and customers.

Q: Why is now the best time to offer OX Webmail4Free?
A: No doubt, economic times are difficult at the moment. That is why we set the barrier to introduce new hosting services in the market very low. With a webmail for free offering we help our partners to renew their webmail and to attract new and existing customers. This newly strengthened customer relationship can be leveraged to offer new services on top of the webmail – integrated and easy to provision.

Q: What are the benefits for SaaS Providers like ISPs, Telcos, Hosters? A: ISPs, Telcos, Hosters can significantly enhance their offering with a modern and intuitive webmail that attracts existing and new customers. On top of that, new modules and services like Groupware and Mobile PIM can be introduced. With these new services you can increase your customer retention, win new customers and increase your revenue per customer. All that will lead to additional stability for your business.

Q: What are the benefits for academic and non-profit organizations? A: Universities and other academic organizations as well as non-profit organizations often lack the financial resources to offer a first call webmail. With the Webmail4Free initiative Open-Xchange provides their modern, AJAX-based webmail for free. With the same installation and for a small price, the academic or non-profit organization can offer additional groupware functionality to a selected number of users. The groupware functionality is optional and is not required to be able to use the webmail for free.

Q: Why does Open-Xchange offer their webmail platform for free? A: We want to help our customers and partners to go through these difficult times by retaining their customers and securing revenues. With a free webmail platform we believe our partners also get an excellent up-sell platform for additional products like mobility support and groupware.

Q: How fast can I get the OX Webmail4Free platform? A: That depends a bit on your IT infrastructure, however, the implementation efforts are usually low and the webmail platform can be up and running in just a few weeks.