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How to request a change for the OXaaS platform


You are a customer of OXaaS and have your Support Keys at hand. Furthermore you want to request a change for the service.


Send an email to <oxaas-change AT> and provide the following information within the body of your email. Please take care to put your Support Key always to the top. If you provide more than one key the first recognised key wins.

 Subject: The subject should give a high level description of the Change Request and is used as Title
 Reason: give the reason why the change is needed
 Description: provide a meaningful description of the desired change
 Server url: provide the URL of the service (tenant url)
 further information you might think is important comes here...

example E-Mail:

 To: oxaas-change AT
 Subject: renewal of ssl certificates
 Support Key: OX-SUPPORT-OR-LICENSE-KEY-123123123123 
 Reason: our ssl certificates expire in 40 days
 Description: please change certificates on the systems
 Server URL:
 attached my new encrypted certificates, please proceed.
 thank you.

If all of the above information has been provided, a confirmation mail is sent from Open-Xchange's ticket system which includes the ticket number for this Change Request.