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Sprint definition

Sprints are two weeks (10 work days) long. The first seven days focus on feature development, the last three focus on quality. The first part needs a "definition of done".

Definition of done

  • Tasks of user story are all done
  • Tested once on a browser with very small window size to check responsiveness
  • Tested once with either an iOS or an Android device
  • Documentation in OXpedia (if necessary/required)
  • Code has been merged into origin/develop (i
  • i18n and l10n issues are checked (e.g. #debug-i18n=1)
  • Code is commented where necessary (what does it, what goes in, what comes out)

If done, a user story is marked as "Delivered". Requestor then accepts or rejects the user story.

3 days

  • Tested with all permutations of iOS/Android and smartphone/tablet
  • Tested with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE9
  • At least one smoke test is written, L3 bugs get a test, too
  • Checked for responsiveness criteria (e.g. busy(), notifications)
  • Slow & fail parameters have been experimented with, ox.load() is used instead of require
  • Performance is tested
  • Theming works (use the pink theme)
  • All software change requests have been started (in case of API changes, new settings...)
  • Accessibility checks done