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OX App Suite v7

Quick Installation Guide OX App Suite v7

To download and install the software, please use the following Installation Guides:

Installing the latest Updates for OX App Suite v7

To get the latest features and bugfixes for OX App Suite v7, you need to have a valid license. The following article explains how that can be done:

OX App Suite deployment tutorials

A complete guide of necessary tasks with a hardware and setup recommendation for different Open-Xchange Hosting environments:

Reporting Tool (Mandatory for Maintenance)

To receive maintenance in the future, the installation of the Open-Xchange Reporting Tool is mandatory. It documents the current state of your system installation. Furthermore, the tool runs a validity check for your current maintenance. Based on the reported detail information Open-Xchange will then be able to improve its own support and maintenance offerings for you. This article explains how that can be done:

Open-Xchange Additional Software

OX Documents

OX Documents are browser based, cloud ready, text, spreadsheet and presentation products that can work with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents in a lossless way. And you can also collaborate with other people to edit shared documents on various devices.

OX Guard

OX Guard is a fully integrated security add-on to OX App Suite that provides end users with a flexible email and file encryption solution. OX Guard is a highly scalable, multi server, feature rich solution that is so simple-to-use that end users will actually use it.

OX Drive

The OX Drive client lets you store and share your photos, files, documents and videos, anytime, anywhere. Access any file you save to OX Drive from all your computers, iPhone, iPad or from within OX App Suite itself.

OX Sync

Connector for Business Mobility (ActiveSync)

Connector for Business Mobility enables you to securely manage emails, contacts, calendar and tasks on a mobile device. It is based on Microsoft Exchange Active Sync (EAS) standard (valid Open-Xchange license required).

Open-Xchange Contact Synchronization with CardDAV

The Mac OS X and iOS integration makes Open-Xchange contacts available to end users through their native applications.

Open-Xchange Calendar synchronization with CalDAV

The Mac OS X, iOS and Thunderbird Lightning integration makes Open-Xchange appointments available to end users through their native applications.

OX Sync App

OX Sync App is a native mobile phone app built specifically for smartphone users of Android, that also have a valid OX App Suite account. The app is designed to let users sync their OX App Suite Appointments, Tasks and Contacts environment directly from a native mobile phone client.

OX Protect

OX Protect lets you create a safe and secure online experience for your subscribers. It protects traditional digital equipment as well as IoT devices against malware, phishing and other harmful online content. At the same time, it gives users easy to configure, flexible control over which sites each family member can visit and allows users to restrict access to certain content at different times, like off-time or bedtime.

OX Monetization

Grow your business by maintaining meaningful conversations with your customers using the best available tools.

OX Upsell

OX Upsell provides in-app upselling within OX App Suite through configurable triggers. A variety of pre-defined trigger areas are available in all applications and many features. Using the OX Upsell triggers helps you increase awareness of up-sellable and cross-sellable products.

OX Abuse Shield

OX Abuse Shield is included along with Dovecot Pro, but works with both Dovecot Pro and OX App Suite as a component to protect against login/authentication abuse. OX Abuse Shield runs on a cluster of servers, and integrates with both OX App Suite and Dovecot to detect abuse, brute force attacks and also to enforce common authentication/authorization policies across the platform.

Open-Xchange Additional Tools and Configurations

Automated Deployment with Chef

For an automated deployment of our software have a look at our

Open-Xchange Document Viewer

The OX Document Viewer will choose the best preview format depending on the users device on the OX App Suite Web Interface (valid Open-Xchange license required).

Open-Xchange Image Converter

OX App Suite displays images in many different ways. OX Image Converter provides an alternative to process images by the OX Middleware. The image delivery can be delegated to an extra service, the OX Image Converter.

Open-Xchange Presenter

OX Presenter allows for local and remote presentations of presentation documents (valid Open-Xchange license required).


Multiple Open-Xchange servers can form a cluster with inter-OX-communication over a network.

HTTP based Connector via Grizzly

OX App Suite offers a second HTTP based connector for the communication between the HTTP server and the backend. This new connector is based on Oracle's Project Grizzly - a NIO and Web framework.