AppSuite:Guided tours

Synopsis: Guided tours are series of little steps meant to explain the various functions of OX to an end user. They can be configured by system administrators.

Basic framework

Guided tours are built on LinkedIn's hopscotch.js framework. It forms a series of small information "bubbles" that point to UI elements and display a text as well as small navigation elements.

State before 7.4.1

In 7.4.0, Guided Tours could not be configured.

State after 7.4.1


Guided tours are contained in a separate package, named open-xchange-guidedtours. This will install UI as well as backend components (in the form of a config file).


Several configuration parameters guide the running of Guided Tours:

io.ox/tours//server/disableTours Disabled the tours completely
io.ox/tours//server/disable/$moduleName Disables the tour for a specific module, e.g. "io.ox/tasks"
io.ox/tours//server/startOnFirstLogin start the tour the first time a user logs in
io.ox/tours//server/version arbitrary integer denoting the version of the tour. If startOnFirstLogin is true, the user might have seen a previous version but not the recent one. Increasing the number makes sure the users sees the updated version again.


Tours use extension points as mechanism to extend them. The relevant point is io.ox/tours/extensions.

Example tour

A tours looks like this:

   id: 'default/io.ox/intro',
   app: 'io.ox/intro',
   priority: 1,
   tour: {
     id: 'Switching from OX6',
     steps: [{
       title: gt('Launching an app'),
       placement: 'bottom',
       target: function () { return $('.launcher[data-app-name="io.ox/mail"]')[0]; },
       content: gt('To launch an app, click on an entry on the top-left side of the menu bar.')
       onShow: function () { notifications.hideList(); },
       title: gt('Displaying the help or the settings'),
       placement: 'left',
       target: function () { return $('.launcher .icon-cog:visible')[0]; },
       content: gt('To display the help or the settings, use the icons on the right side of the menu bar.'),
       arrowOffset: 1,
       yOffset: -5
       onShow: function () { notifications.showList(); },
       title: gt('New objects icon'),
       placement: 'left',
       target: function () { return $('#io-ox-notifications-icon:visible')[0]; },
       content: gt('The New objects icon shows the number of unread E-Mails or other notifications. If clicking the icon, the info area opens.'),
       arrowOffset: -1
     }, [...]

Components of a tour

A tours is a set of steps that are can be navigated by going forward and backwards. It needs...

id This needs to be unique, like for all extension points. Even if you want to overwrite another tour, you need a different id!
app The application this tour is related to.
Priority The tour with the largest number for the priority for a specific app is the one shown. This is how you overwrite an existing tour with your custom one.
tour The steps of a tour

Tour steps

A tour step is a text bubble that is shown next to a UI element. It needs...

title This needs to be unique, like for all extension points. Even if you want to overwrite another tour, you need a different id!
target The UI element this text bubble is displayed next to. Hopscotch only allows identifiers as passed to JQuery, but App Suite extends this to functions. Most functions used simply return JQuery identifiers, the difference is when it is resolved: Functions are resolved later, which is helpful if your application is built by doing DOM manipulations as late as possible - App Suite is.
content The content of a text bubble. Can be html, as it uses the innerHtml method of JQuery to attach itself.
placement Where the text bubble is placed in relation to the UI element. Possible values are "top", "bottom", "left" and "right"
xOffset Passed directly to hopscotch. Moves the box horizontally relative to its standard position.
yOffset Passed directly to hopscotch. Moves the box vertically relative to its standard position.
arrowOffset Passed directly to hopscotch. Moves the arrow relative to its standard position, horizontally if the bubble is placed "top" or "bottom", vertically if "left" or "right".
onShow Passed directly to hopscotch. A function that is executed when the bubble is shown.
onShowDeferred A workaround for onShow: This waits for the deferred to be resolved before showing the bubble.

And that is all there is to creating a tour.

State after 7.8.0

This framework was replaced by the Wizard/Tour framework