OX6:Wizard Firstrun

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This document describes the optional so called firstrun mode for the integrated wizard. Available since 6.20.

Mode description

By default a new user of the Open-Xchange groupware will be shown a wizard where some basic setup can be done. This includes a form to add and edit his personal information.

When firstrun mode is enabled, the user cannot close this wizard until he successfully finished this personal data mask. The form is initially empty in that case even if the user has some data already been given during provisioning of the account and therefore the user needs to enter at least name, last name, and displayname.


The switch to enable that mode globally for the system can be found in /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/settings/open-xchange-gui-wizard-plugin.properties:


This setting can also be modified using the newly introduced config cascade mechanism for contexts, users, or context sets.