Using the import servlet


There are two things to do with the import servlet:

  • You can use it to import data into Open-Xchange Server
    • Example: Importing your Outlook data by exporting it as CSV and then importing it.
  • you can extend it to import new formats
    • Example: Currently, the CSV format can only be used to import contacts. You can extend it to import appointments.

Importing data using existing importers is done using the API, as explained in HTTP API (import module).


A collection of details about the importer

Date formats in CSV files

While the date formats of both iCal and vCard are pretty clear, csv can be defined freely (insert "of course" or "sadly" as you like).

Microsoft Outlook does as it likes:

  • the German version uses DD.MM.YYYY
  • the English version uses MM-DD-YYYY

Our own format uses the timestamp format. Advantage: You can use hours and minutes. Disadvantage: You'll have to use negative numbers for dates before 1-1-1970.

Information for developers: The date format interpreters are build to be exchangeable, you can use your own format there.


Adding a new importer is explained in Building an importer.

See also: Using the export servlet.