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Open-Xchange UWA modules

What is an UWA module?

An UWA-Modul is a web-based tool that can be used to individually change the design of your Open-Xchange start page. That way Open-Xchange enables you to integrate various tools of external services into your start page.

As default Open-Xchange's start page displays new E-Mails, calendar entries and other current information. With UWA modules you can additionally add individual contents; e. g. local weather forecasts, sports news, games and many more.

Open-Xchange uses Netvibes UWA for the UWA modules. Further informationen can be found on http://netvibes.com.

To add a new UWA module do the following:

  1. Go to OX's Options module. In the folder tree go to Start Page and click on the subfolder UWA-Module.
  2. In the UWA Modules panel section click on Add. The UWA modules dialog window opens.
  3. In the text field Name enter a name for the UWA module. The name will be displayed in the UWA module's title bar.
  4. Activate the checkbox Autorefresh. This setting is recommended as the content of many UWA modules frequently changes.
  5. In the text field URI enter the address for the UWA module. Sample addresses can be found the Open-Xchange web page under Interesting UWA modules table. Tip: Copy the address from the table and paste it in the text field.
  6. If an UWA module requires parameters enter them in the text field Parameters. The required parameters for an UWA module can be found in the above mentioned table. Tip: Copy the parameters from the tabel and paste them in the text field.
  7. Close the dialog window with clicking OK. The new UWA module is entered in the Available UWA modules list and is activated.
  8. In the panel click on Save

Result: The new UWA module is shown in the overview window of the start page.

Information on how to change, deactivate or delete UWA modules can be found in the user documentation.