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Important: You should have your Open-Xchange license code at hand. If you do not plan to license Open-Xchange, you can use the option --no-license instead. Please also check OXReportClient documentation for more information about configuring a supported and maintained Open-Xchange server.

Important: the option "--servermemory 512" configures 512 MB Ram for the groupware process. This works for small environments. Please refere to the Sizing Whitepaper to learn how to set this value for your needs.

$ /opt/open-xchange/sbin/oxinstaller --add-license=YOUR-OX-LICENSE-CODE \
--servername=oxserver --configdb-pass=db_password \
--master-pass=admin_master_password --ajp-bind-port=localhost --servermemory 512

Note: In a clustered setup, --ajp-bind-port must be set to *