Remove the OX6 GUI

This step is optional. You may just skip it and offer both GUIs, the OX6 GUI and the App Suite GUI. (This is only supported with OX6 v6.22.2 and later.)

If you want to uninstall the OX6 GUI, this step consists of removing the OX6 GUI packages and adjusting Apache's configuration.

The packages to be removed can be identified by their version number in the output of {{{listpackages}}} | grep open-x. It will probably boil down to uninstall everything which starts with open-xchange-gui, as the names of the App Suite UI packages start with open-xchange-appsuite.

# {{{uninstallpackages}}} open-xchange-gui*

After deinstallation of the OX6 GUI packages, adjust the {{{apacheconf}}} file to remove obsolete stuff which was required for the OX6 GUI, but is not required by the App Suite UI. To do so, you may consult the [[AppSuite:Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_{{{distro}}}|Installation Guide for OX Appsuite]] to learn which sections of the file are required for an App Suite UI.

The Grizzly configuration will not require adjustments; the settings for App Suite are a superset of the settings of the OX6 GUI.