Update of Open-Xchange Server v6.22 to OX App Suite on {{{distroname}}}

This document describes updating an OX 6 Server installation from version 6.22 to OX App Suite.

Supported update path

This document assumes you are running at least OX6 v6.22.0. If you are running on an older version of OX6, you need to update to v6.22.0 first, see [[Open-Xchange_620_622_Update_Guide_for_{{{distro}}}|Open-Xchange 6.20 to 6.22 Update Guide for {{{distronameshort}}}]]. (This requires an intermediate upgrade to OX6 v6.20.7 if you are running a version older than that.)

Then, update your OX6 installation to the latest 6.22 version. Since OX App Suite and OX6 use the same backend (beginning with OX App Suite 7.0.2 / OX6 v6.22.2 released on 2013-04-04), this is basically upgrading your backend to the latest OX App Suite backend, while keeping the OX6 frontend functional.

Then, add the latest OX App Suite frontend to the system.

Then, the OX6 frontend can be removed, optionally.


  • An Open-Xchange Server installation v6.22.0 or later. This update guide is valid for a system installed through our [[Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_{{{distro}}}_622|Download and Installation Guide for {{{distroname}}}]]
  • If you have custom packages done by Open-Xchange, please discuss with your Open-Xchange contact when these packages are available for OX App Suite. Do not attempt the update earlier.
  • Custom packages built for 6.22.1 or earlier might not work with OX App Suite.
  • As for every update we strongly recommend that you make a backup of your system(s) before you proceed.