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Review configuration files

We recommend that you read the release notes vor all versions newer than your version before you started the upgrade. The release notes contain all changes to the product together with the actions required by the admin to accommodate for those changes.

You can find the release notes here:

Some of the most prominent changes are summarized below.

Changes by version

6.22.1, 2012-11-14

Introduction of hazelcast as distributed session cache. Review Hazelcast configuration after the upgrade.

6.22.2, 2013-03-12

OX now offers Grizzly as alternative to AJP. (AJP is deprecated with 7.4 and will be discontinued with 7.6.) Either switch to Grizzly now, following AppSuite:Grizzly, or stick with AJP for now.

The whole cluster communication will now be done through Hazelcast. Please note that even in case of an update it is important to configure the new settings as required as this will not be done automatically. The configuration of the new system is described in http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=AppSuite:Running_a_cluster

New config file 'cluster.properties'. Set reasonable cluster name there, same for all nodes in the cluster.

7.2.0, 2013-04-11

Features OX Text. OX Text requires OX Realtime. OX Realtime requires Grizzly. So switch to Grizzly now if you are using OX Text.

It is now possible to disable the OX builtin replication monitor for replicated database backends which work synchronously. (configdb.properties, com.openexchange.database.replicationMonitor)

Adjustment of apache configuration required: App Suite 7.2 introduces a new realtime/push framework for which a new namespace was added to OX URLs. Please add new proxy entries to the apache configuration to map the /realtime and /atmosphere paths to the backend. e.g.:

 <Proxy /atmosphere>
     ProxyPass balancer://oxcluster/atmosphere
 <Proxy /realtime>
     ProxyPass balancer://oxcluster/realtime

7.2.1, 2013-05-23

Internal OSGi events have been distributed in the cluster using the UDP push mechanism. This mechanism is now replaced using Hazelcast topics. Therefore the UDP push mechanism should be disabled. Several properties of the configuration file /opt/open-xchange/etc/push-udp.properties are configured to false by default and when upgrading the packages. This are the properties: - com.openexchange.push.udp.pushEnabled - com.openexchange.push.udp.registerDistributionEnabled - com.openexchange.push.udp.eventDistributionEnabled - com.openexchange.push.udp.multicastEnabled If your cluster requires push mechanisms to push changes to client devices, ensure to configure a proper working cluster setup. This is described here: AppSuite:Running_a_cluster

7.2.2, 2013-07-03

Reminder: AJP is deprecated, please switch to Grizzly. AppSuite:Grizzly

7.4.0, 2013-09-26

Support Debian 7 (Wheey) with OpenJDK 7 and MySQL 5.5.

Reminder: AJP is deprecated, please switch to Grizzly. AppSuite:Grizzly

Jolokia monitoring capabilities added. See: Jolokia

showruntimestats is deprecated and will be gone in Sep 2014.

Removed Sql.properties. Database Schema setup will no longer be performed by *.sql scripts but by OX internally (Java code).

Added tokenlogin. Should be more secure / robust than the former "config jump" feature.

Galera support (and possibly support for other MySQL replication mechanisms which rely on the presence of primary key in all tables) added. See server.properties / com.openexchange.server.fullPrimaryKeySupport.

Cluster discovery now handled by Hazelcast (both static and dynamic). See hazelcast.properties for configuration. Hazelcast now also listens by default only on localhost, please check.

Office capabilities configurable, see documents.properties.