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Adjust Apache configuration

Apache's service configuration needs adjustments.

If you want to run both frontends later, you need to create a default.conf file with the contents from OX6 and OX App Suite merged. If you want to drop the OX6 frontend anyways, you can now just create a {{{filename}}} file for OX App Suite. Consult the [[AppSuite:Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_{{{distro}}}#Configure_services|OX App Suite documentation]] for details about the {{{filename}}} contents for OX App Suite.

Then you need to adjust the proxy_http.conf file. Basically the OX App Suite configuration is a superset of the OX6 configuraton, so you can use the configuration described in the [[AppSuite:Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_{{{distro}}}#Configure_services|OX App Suite documentation]] for the Grizzly configuration.

After this, stop and start the {{{apacheservice}}} and open-xchange services. Then you should be able to use the App Suite UI.