Add Open-Xchange Repository

Open-Xchange maintains public available software repositories for different platforms, such as SLES. This repository should be added to the SLES installation to enable simple installation and updates.

Start a console and add the Open-Xchange software repository for {{{slesname}}}:

If you have a valid maintenance subscription, please run the following command so that the most recent packages get installed:

A warning will be shown because the Open-Xchange packages are not yet signed by a cryptographic key. To accept and continue the installation, press Y.

Starting with the release of Open-Xchange AppSuite 7.6.0, you you can also download the complete repository list from


For the basic install, you only need the repositories backend and frontend, you can comment out the others. If you want to configure the update repositories as well, you need to replace LDBACCOUNT and LDBPASSWORD with your real LDB credentials.