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==What happens in this phase?==
==Resulting Documents==
==Resulting Documents==
If there is a template available for this type of document it is linked via its title.<br>
* signed [http://demo.de Requirements Checklist]
* signed [http://demo.de Requirements Checklist]
* Test protocol
* Test protocol

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This page aims to give a detailed overview of customer-projects accompanied by the Open-Xchange professional services team: The different phases and decisions as well as the documents necessary to accompany this process are listed here. The following diagram gives a birds-eye view of the whole process:



During this phase the product gets demoed and the doability of the project is checked. After this phase a detailed offer is made and the customer decides whether to start the project or not ("Go / No-Go").

  • Technical Demo (webcast or on-site)
    • presentation of the product including all features relevant to the customer
    • determine customer´s goals (replace webmail? operating parallel to MS Exchange?)
    • OX USPs: Fast even with many mails, drag-n-drop in the browser, syncing with many different clients, social, upsell
    • demo-systems could be http://ox.io, https://ox6-dev.open-xchange.com, own VM -> 2 users and some data are needed
    • recommend ox.io-account
  • Architecure Overview
    • Integration with customer systems instead of out-of-the-box (provisioning, mailsystem [none is included!], CPanel, PBA/POA, Plesk)
    • There are many ways to OX and its data. Broad range of supported devices and browsers
    • Java, no proprietary formats or protocols, Apache, MySQL
    • scales horizontally as well as vertically. Cluster size is entirely choseable, multiple tenants on one system -> "server density"
    • show examples for 10K users, 100K users, 1M users
    • APIs (HTTP, SOAP, RMI, ex- and import)
    • whitelabeling for GUI, Outlook, OutlookInstaller, MobileGUI (branding, theming, detailed configuration with ConfigCascade)
  • Proof Of Concept (POC)
    • needs server (real or VM) with SSH-access, a few accounts on the existing mailsystem
    • inform customer as soon as it is ready, get feedback after 2 weeks, are there still open issues open in R&D, Sales or Marketing?
  • Technology Transfer
    • approximately 10 mails.
    • evaluate customer-environment (what kind of mailsystem, loadbalancer, storage, number of mailboxes?)
    • hardware-sizing (how many concurrent sessions)
    • provisioning (existing or custom?)

Resulting Documents


Resulting Documents


Resulting Documents


Resulting Documents