Open-Xchange Provisioning using SOAP

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Provision Open-Xchange using SOAP

Beneath RMI and commandline, Open-Xchange can be provisioned using SOAP.

PHP users, please read the PHP warning below!


Just go ahead and install the package open-xchange-admin-soap using the package manager of your Linux system.

Setup SOAP services on Open-Xchange

Nothing to be done once the package open-xchange-admin-soap has been installed. After restarting the Open-Xchange server, you can check for the SOAP services in accessing the URL

Beginning with Open-Xchange version 6.22, the Axis2 engine has been replaced by the CXF engine. The corresponding package open-xchange-soap-cxf will be installed as a dependency when installing one of the admin soap packages as described above.

Example code

SOAP API documentation can be found in this document.

Java examples can be found here: Open-Xchange-SOAP-WSDL2JAVA

You can find Perl and PHP example code in the git repository wd/backend/com.openexchange.admin.soap. Please follow the SourceCodeAccess guide on how to access the source code.

once checked out, find examples in


Further documentation and examples:

Short warning to PHP users

We do not recommend to use PHP when accessing our SOAP provisioning API. This is because PHP has trouble sending simple arrays in a way we can handle it. This applies to ALL Open-Xchange versions!

If you still want to use PHP, you might need this information:

instead of

      #$ctx = new Context();
      #$ctx->id = $random_id;
      #$ctx->maxQuota = 10;
      #$ctx->loginMappings = array( "mapping1", "mapping2", "mapping3");

in php you have to do

      $mctx = array("id" => $random_id, "maxQuota" => 10);
      $mctx["loginMappings"] = "mapping1";
      $mctx["loginMappings "] = "mapping2";
      $mctx["loginMappings  "] = "mapping3";

and then this:

      $result = getContextClient($SOAPHOST)->create(new SoapVar($mctx,SOAP_ENC_OBJECT), $user, getCredentialsObject($OXMASTER_ADMIN, $OXMASTER_ADMIN_PASS));

instead of that:

      #$result = getContextClient($SOAPHOST)->create($ctx, $user, getCredentialsObject($OXMASTER_ADMIN, $OXMASTER_ADMIN_PASS));

when using the examples from


This information is based on this code

 printo_stderr("Update context aliases list\n");

 // XXX: OX requires all mappings entries on top level of context
 // PHP SOAP serializer can't accomplish such task
 // workaround problem naming keys in array with spaces:
 // - transparent for XML, different for PHP
 $map = array('id' => $ctx->id);
 $key = 'loginMappings';
 for ($i = 0; $i < count($mappings); $i++) {
        $map[$key] = $mappings[$i];
        $key .= ' ';

as taken from the Parallels APS package (see above).