Open-Xchange Provisioning using SOAP

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Provision Open-Xchange using SOAP

Beneath RMI and commandline, Open-Xchange can be provisioned using SOAP.

PHP users, please read the PHP warning below!


Just go ahead and install the package open-xchange-admin-soap using the package manager of your Linux system.

Setup SOAP services on Open-Xchange

Nothing to be done once the package open-xchange-admin-soap has been installed. After restarting the Open-Xchange server, you can check for the SOAP services in accessing the URL

Beginning with Open-Xchange version 6.22, the Axis2 engine has been replaced by the CXF engine. The corresponding package open-xchange-soap-cxf will be installed as a dependency when installing one of the admin soap packages as described above.

Example code

SOAP API documentation can be found in this document.

You can find Perl and PHP example code in the git repository wd/backend/com.openexchange.admin.soap. Please follow the SourceCodeAccess guide on how to access the source code.

once checked out, find examples in


Further documentation and examples:

Short warning to PHP users

We do not recommend to use PHP when accessing our SOAP provisioning API. This is because PHP has trouble sending simple arrays in a way we can handle it. This applies to ALL Open-Xchange versions!

If you still want to use PHP, you might need this information:

instead of

      #$ctx = new Context();
      #$ctx->id = $random_id;
      #$ctx->maxQuota = 10;
      #$ctx->loginMappings = array( "mapping1", "mapping2", "mapping3");

in php you have to do

      $mctx = array("id" => $random_id, "maxQuota" => 10);
      $mctx["loginMappings"] = "mapping1";
      $mctx["loginMappings "] = "mapping2";
      $mctx["loginMappings  "] = "mapping3";

and then this:

      $result = getContextClient($SOAPHOST)->create(new SoapVar($mctx,SOAP_ENC_OBJECT), $user, getCredentialsObject($OXMASTER_ADMIN, $OXMASTER_ADMIN_PASS));

instead of that:

      #$result = getContextClient($SOAPHOST)->create($ctx, $user, getCredentialsObject($OXMASTER_ADMIN, $OXMASTER_ADMIN_PASS));

when using the examples from


This information is based on this code

 printo_stderr("Update context aliases list\n");

 // XXX: OX requires all mappings entries on top level of context
 // PHP SOAP serializer can't accomplish such task
 // workaround problem naming keys in array with spaces:
 // - transparent for XML, different for PHP
 $map = array('id' => $ctx->id);
 $key = 'loginMappings';
 for ($i = 0; $i < count($mappings); $i++) {
        $map[$key] = $mappings[$i];
        $key .= ' ';

as taken from the Parallels APS package (see above).