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OX as a Service - Technical FAQ

Can I create my users in the default domain and change later to my own domain?

Yes, you can create the users and add aliases for another domain later.

What is an MX record?

An MX record tells senders where to send email for your domain.

When you have a domain registered, there are several DNS records assigned to it. These enable it to be located on the Internet. These include MX records, which direct the domain’s mail flow. Each and every MX record points to an email server that should be configured to process all emails for that domain. There’s typically one record that points to a Primary Server, then additional records that point to one or more backup servers. For users to send and receive email, their domain's MX records must point to a server that can process their mail.

Where are my MX records?

Your authoritative MX records are on your DNS Service Provider Server. When you change the MX record on your DNS Service Provider, other servers will make copies of these updated MX records over time.

How long do MX record updates take?

MX record updates are not immediate. After you've updated your MX records, it will take a while for every sender to use the new MX records.

Will I lose mail after changing MX records?

No. As long as you enter the MX records correctly, you won't lose any MX email. While your MX records are changing over, some mail will be delivered using your old MX information, and some mail will be delivered using your new MX information, but all of it will be delivered.

What happens if I type the wrong information into the MX record?

If you type the incorrect delivery information in the MX record, some mail will bounce. The sender will receive a notice that the mail wasn't delivered. If this happens, correct the MX records as soon as possible. Some mail may still bounce for a period of time, but the sooner you update the MX records to the correct setting, the fewer messages will bounce.

What happens when I update my MX records?

Once you update your MX records, mail will start flowing to the OX as a Service (After your old previous TTL (Time To Live in seconds) has expired).

Are there limits set a user might run into?

In addition, the size of emails is limited to 20MB per mail including all attachments. There is also a general 100MB limit for data uploaded via the web ui. The Service has limits for request rates and of course for the amount of objects one can create in total. Those are set as high so normal users do not run into.