OX HE Tutorial 100K

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Tutorial: High Available OX HE Deployment for up to 100.000 users

This article describes what you need for a typical OX HE Setup for up to 100.000 Users, which is fully clustered and high available.

It contains everything you need to:

  • Understand the design of the OX HE setup including additional services
  • Install the whole system based on the relevant articles
  • Find pointers to the next steps of integration

System Design


Core Components for OX HE

  • Two basic configured Open-Xchange HE servers (HW recommendation: 16GB RAM / 4 cores each)
  • MySQL installed directly on these server
  • NFS Server to store documents and files

Infrastructure Components not delivered by OX

  • A Load Balancer in front of the OX servers (recommendation: keepalived)
  • An email system providing IMAP and SMTP
  • A control panel for creation and administration of users

Installation Steps

To deploy the described OX setup, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Initialize and configure MySQL database on both servers
  2. Install and configure OX on both servers

The hardware recommendations for an Open-Xchange cluster setup which is able to serve up to 100.000 users is:

  • 2 Open-Xchange HE installations (Hardware requirements: 16GB RAM / 4 cores each)
  • 1 Master-Master configured database cluster (Hardware requirements: 16GB RAM / 4 cores each)
  • 1 Load balancer (Software or Hardware)
  • X NFS servers (Filestores), depends on the amount of storage which is required

Database setup and configuration

In this section you will find information of how to create the MySQL Master-Master replication setup that will be connected to the Open-Xchange HE setup during the next step. A detailed description of how this can be done is described here:

MySQL Master-Master replication setup

Basic Open-Xchange HE setup and configuration

To install the Open-Xchange Hosting Edition that is required for this setup please follow the Quick installation guides for the according OS:

IMPORTANT: During the installation process you will need to create the Config Database which holds all necessary Database cluster information, but as this setup provides a dedicated MySQL Master-Master database. Simply skip the following step during the setup:

  • Open-Xchange configuration (usually step 5)