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Welcome to the section in OXpedia that deals with session handling. Everything your users do with an OX server will happen in the context of a session. The session identifies which user is undertaking an action, so that permissions and settings for the user can be considered. So, in essence, before the user does anything with the OX system, she has to create a session (normally by logging in). This section of OXpedia will tell you how to customize the login procedure, understand in detail how session handling is done by the OX server including all its security features and how to configure them and everything else.

It contains the following pages:

  • The OXSessionHandlingGlossary contains terms we'll be referring to a lot in these pages. If you're reading an obscure term when we talk about session management, chances are good you'll find a definition in the glossary.
  • The OXSessionFormLogin page describes how you can create your own custom login form, that could even be embedded in other web pages. Formerly ( pre 6.20 ) this was known as the "easylogin".
  • The OXSessionAutologin page describes how to set up ox sessions to survive a browser reload, or even closing and reopening the browser.