OX6:Using Brands/Whitelabeling with Open-Xchange Hosting Edition

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You want to host the contexts of different brands in a single installation. These brands vary in some of their branding settings. You can define all these different brands via simple configuration files. A brand consists of a definition of properties like product name, logout url, session timeout url and also different Upsell properties to use.


Please make sure you have the <config cascade hostname package_name> installed. Else the generated URLs for publications and notification mails won´t contain the branded domain/host name.


Let's consider three brands we want to configure. We'll call them "Groupware4You", "CollaborationPro" and "OneStopShop".

Branding in OX is governed by various ui properties. With these you can:

  • Change the help path (ui/global/help/help_path)
  • Change the FAQ path (ui/global/help/faq_path)
  • Change where the ui redirects to, on logout (ui/global/logout_path)
  • Change where the ui redirects to on session expiration (ui/global/sessionExpired_path)
  • Change the ui direct link path (ui/global/directLink_path)
  • Change the url of the page that suggests UWA widgets (ui/global/uwa/link)
  • Change the product name in the about dialog (ui/product/name)
  • Change the product description in the about dialog (ui/product/description)
  • Change the vendor address in the about dialog (ui/product/vendor/address)
  • Change the path where the themes can be found (ui/global/theme/path)
  • Change the hostname for notification mails / publication URLs etc (com.openexchange.hostname)

Firstly we'll tag the contexts. This will assign the contexts to a certain brand.

Groupware4You Contexts

  changecontext -c1 ... --taxonomy/types=gw4u
  changecontext -c2 ... --taxonomy/types=gw4u

CollaborationPro Contexts

  changecontext -c3 ... --taxonomy/types=cpro
  changecontext -c4 ... --taxonomy/types=cpro

OneStopShop Contexts

  changecontext -c5 ... --taxonomy/types=oss
  changecontext -c6 ... --taxonomy/types=oss

Next, we create the default branding settings in the file /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/settings/branding.properties

   ui/product/name=Groupware 4 You
   ui/product/description=Groupware 4 You - The groupware for everyone
   ui/product/vendor/address=Some Address

In /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/system.properties add the line: com.openexchange.hostname=groupware4you.com

Next, let's define the two other brands. If a context belongs to a certain brand, the branding options will be overridden by the config cascade.

Create a file /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/contextSets/branding.yml.

       withTags: cpro
       ui/global/help/help_path: "[protocol]://collabpro.com[path]/help/[language]"
       ui/global/help/faq_path: "[protocol]://collabpro.com[path]/faq"
       ui/global/logout_path: "[protocol]://collabpro.com[path]/logout"
       ui/global/sessionExpired_path: "[protocol]://collabpro.com[path]/sessionExpired"
       ui/global/directLink_path: "[protocol]://collabpro.com[path]#m=[module]&f=[folder]&i=[object_id]"
       ui/global/uwa/link: "http://collabpro.com/uwa/widgets.html"
       ui/product/name: "CollaborationPro"
       ui/product/description: "Don't just be a team, be a unit"
       ui/product/vendor/address: "Some Address"
       ui/global/theme/path: "themes/cpro"
       com.openexchange.hostname: "collabpro.com"
       withTags: oss
       ui/global/help/help_path: "[protocol]://OneStopShop.com[path]/help/[language]"
       ui/global/help/faq_path: "[protocol]://OneStopShop.com[path]/faq"
       ui/global/logout_path: "[protocol]://OneStopShop.com[path]/logout"
       ui/global/sessionExpired_path: "[protocol]://OneStopShop.com[path]/sessionExpired"
       ui/global/directLink_path: "[protocol]://OneStopShop.com[path]#m=[module]&f=[folder]&i=[object_id]"
       ui/global/uwa/link: "http://OneStopShop.com/uwa/widgets.html"
       ui/product/name: "One Stop Shop"
       ui/product/description: "One Stop Shop - Be informed"
       ui/product/vendor/address: "Some Address"
       ui/global/theme/path: "themes/oss"
       com.openexchange.hostname: "OneStopShop.com"

Branding links to send in email.png

Branding logout url.png

Branding about dialog infostore urls.png

Branding theme wizzard hostname.png

Programming examples


The file http://software.open-xchange.com/OX6/doc/SOAP/admin/branding-example.pl is an example on how to implement it in perl.


Check Provision using C# on how to do the same in C#.