OX6:Gui path

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Gui path object
name type value Comment
infostore JSON infostore object infostore settings
mail JSON mail object mail settings
portal JSON portal object Portal layout and contend
global JSON global object settings timestamp and global settings
menu JSON menue object menuiteration
theme JSON theme object contains all available themes and the path
effects JSON effects object hover an global effects
tasks JSON tasks objects settings for tasks
FolderTreeState JSON foldertree object holds the folder tree state
contacts JSON contacts object settings for contacts
calendar JSON calendar object settings for the calendar
infostore object
name type values Comment
view Value infostore/(list∨split) infostore view
mail object
name type values Comment
auto_save_drafts Number 0,1,3,5,10,15,30 time in munutes, 0 for disabled
htmlmessage Boolean true∨false show email as html or plain text
signatures array signature objects array of signature objects
view String mail/(list∨hsplit∨vsplit)/unthreaded mail view
autocomplete Boolean true∨false
fullmailheader Boolean true∨false
notifyacknoledge Boolean true∨false
portal object
name type values Comment
externalcontents array externalcont objects array of external content objects
minicalendar Boolean true∨false show minicalendar
internalcontents array internalcont objects array of internal content objects
infobox Boolean true∨false show infobox
tooltip Boolean true∨false enable tooltip
global object
name type values Comment
confirmtimestamp Number Timestamp
confirmpopup Boolean true∨false
autorefresh Number 0,5,10,15,30 autorefresh GUI
theme object
name type values Comment
effects object
name type values Comment
tasks objects
name type values Comment
foldertree object
name type values Comment
contacts object
name type values Comment
calendar object
name type values Comment