Lawful Interception

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Lawful Interception (Telekommunikationsüberwachung)

This article describes the configuration options which are needet to activate the client IP transmission for email service usage.


Mail Store Access (IMAP)

For IMAP access, it is possible to let the groupware server issue a noop command directly after login. This noop command gets the "real" client IP as argument. Activation is done via

vim /opt/open-xchange/etc/

option to change is:

# Whether client's IP address should be propagated by a NOOP command; e.g. 

in case users are allowed to configure external email accounts, a list of imap servers can be specified, which, when added as external accounts, will also receive a noop command with IP as argument direct after login:

# Configure a comma-separated list of external IMAP server's host names  
# which should receive client's IP address by a NOOP command, too

MTA access (SMTP)

For all emails send by the groupware process, it is possible to set the custom header "X-Originating-IP" with the "real" client IP as argument. This can be achieved by editing

vim /opt/open-xchange/etc/ 

option to change is:

# Set whether client's IP address should be added to mail headers on delivery
# as custom header "X-Originating-IP"