Documentation stability levels

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Documentation stability levels

Documentation for OX components is subject to change since the products are improved continuously. To know how reliable a piece of documentation is, we have introduced the following levels to rate our own documentation.

In creating this we were inspired by the node.js stability index.


This feature is known to be problematic, and changes are planned. Do not rely on it. Use of the feature may cause warnings. Backwards compatibility should not be expected.

Changes will not be announced.


This feature was introduced recently, and may change or be removed in future versions. Please try it out and provide feedback.

Changes will not be announced. Using the watch function to stay updated may help, but we do not guarantee to update the documentation concurrent with code changes.


The API is in the process of settling, but has not yet had sufficient real-world testing to be considered stable.

Changes will not be announced. We recommend using the watch function for the given page to stay updated.


The API has proven satisfactory, but cleanup in the underlying code may cause minor changes. Backwards-compatibility will be maintained if reasonable.

Incompatible changes will be announced in the release notes.


This API has been tested extensively in production and is unlikely to ever have to change. If they do occur anyway, changes will be announced in the release notes two major releases in advance.