Csv import

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CSV import

It is possible to import a batch of users with the createuser/context tool to make the migration of existing data easier.

For this you need to export the userdata to a csv (Comma-Separated Values) file with the following structure:

Note: The first line defines the fields and have to be in every file you want to import. Due to linebreaks you will probably see more than 3 lines, just copy and paste the example to an editor of your choice or reduce the font size.

Importing users to an existing context

oxadmin110,secret,110,pete_test,Pete Test,Pete,Test,secret,pete_test@mymailserver.org,pete_test,imap://imapserver:143,smtp://mailserver:25,1024,all,de_DE,Europe/Berlin
oxadmin110,secret,110,sandra_linux,Sandra  Linux,Sandra,Linux,secret,sandra_linux@mymailserver.org,sandra_linux,imap://imapserver:143,smtp://mailserver:25,1024,all,en_GB,Europe/London

oxadmin110 is the adminuser of the context 110 with the password secret. There will be 2 users imported to the context (110), pete_test and sandra_linux. To import the users:

$ /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createuser --csv-import myuserlist.csv

Generate new context with default user

In a OX setup where users don't belong to the same group every user needs a context for the user. Since he is the only user, he should also be the contextadmin. This is the usual setup for email providers.

If the contextadmin is the only user, you also have to set


in the file /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/mail.properties

pete_test,secret,110,pete_test,Pete Test,Pete,Test,secret,pete_test@mymailserver.org,pete_test,imap://imapserver:143,smtp://mailserver:25,1024,all,de_DE,Europe/Berlin
sandra_linux,secret,111,sandra_linux,Sandra  Linux,Sandra,Linux,secret,sandra_linux@mymailserver.org,sandra_linux,imap://imapserver:143,smtp://mailserver:25,1024,all,en_GB,Europe/London

This will make two new contexts, 110 with pete_test and 111 with as the contextadmin and the only user.

To import the contexts/users from the csv file:

$ /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createcontext -A oxadminmaster -P secret --csv-import myuserlist.csv


Language codes: you can use the same you have in the language menue for the user, like de_DE, en_GB, en_US, jp_JP ...

A list of timezones: Wikipedia:Zone.tab