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Create OX Contexts and OX Users from CSV Data

It is possible to create a batch of contexts and users with the "createcontext" and "createuser" commandline tool to make the migration of existing user accounts and tenants (OX contexts) easier.

To accomplish this task, you have to execute 2 steps. First step is to create all needed OX contexts where your OX user accounts will later exist in. Second step is to create all OX user accounts inside the just created OX contexts.

For these 2 tasks, you need to 2 kind of data files.

One is which will hold all data needed to create new OX contexts including the context admin informations. And the second one must contain all of OX user account data. Both must be specified in CSV format. See the example CSV data below on this page.

In fact you have to know/provide the same data in the CSV file as you would need to create an OX user account via the Commandline tools or RMI/SOAP API.

Note: The first line in each of the 2 data files, defines the column names and has to be in every file you want use in the batch creation process. So you can either create 1 big files for all contexts and one big file for your user accounts, or you can create 1 file for each context and one file for all of the users inside this context. It´s totally up you how you want to process the files.

Create new contexts

If you need to initially create new contexts into OX via CSV import functionality, you have to create CSV data which cover the context informations and also the informations which are needed for the context admin user.

"100","loginmapping_100","contextadmin","contextadminpassword","Context Admin 100","Context 100","Admin","admin_100@mymailserver.org","context_","imap://imapserver100:143","smtp://mailserver100:25","1024","all","en_GB","Europe/London"
"101","loginmapping_101","contextadmin","contextadminpassword","Context Admin 101","Context 101","Admin","admin_101@mymailserver.org","context_","imap://imapserver101:143","smtp://mailserver101:25","1024","all","en_GB","Europe/London"
"102","loginmapping_102","contextadmin","contextadminpassword","Context Admin 102","Context 102","Admin","admin_102@mymailserver.org","context_","imap://imapserver102:143","smtp://mailserver102:25","1024","all","en_GB","Europe/London"
"103","loginmapping_103","contextadmin","contextadminpassword","Context Admin 103","Context 103","Admin","admin_103@mymailserver.org","context_","imap://imapserver103:143","smtp://mailserver103:25","1024","all","en_GB","Europe/London"
"104","loginmapping_104","contextadmin","contextadminpassword","Context Admin 104","Context 104","Admin","admin_104@mymailserver.org","context_","imap://imapserver104:143","smtp://mailserver104:25","1024","all","en_GB","Europe/London"
"105","loginmapping_105","contextadmin","contextadminpassword","Context Admin 105","Context 105","Admin","admin_105@mymailserver.org","context_","imap://imapserver105:143","smtp://mailserver105:25","1024","all","en_GB","Europe/London"

This data is needed to create 5 new OX contexts including the mandatory contextadmin user. Modify the context id, password etc. for your needs.

To create the contexts from a CSV file, copy above data into new file called "contexts_list.csv" and execute following command:

 $ /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createcontext -A oxadminmaster -P secret --csv-import contexts_list.csv

In general, if you want to let the context admin use the OX GUI too, you also have to set


in the file /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/mail.properties

Importing users to an existing context

oxadmin110,secret,110,pete_test,Pete Test,Pete,Test,secret,pete_test@mymailserver.org,pete_test,imap://imapserver:143,smtp://mailserver:25,1024,all,de_DE,Europe/Berlin
oxadmin110,secret,110,sandra_linux,Sandra  Linux,Sandra,Linux,secret,sandra_linux@mymailserver.org,sandra_linux,imap://imapserver:143,smtp://mailserver:25,1024,all,en_GB,Europe/London

oxadmin110 is the adminuser of the context 110 with the password secret. There will be 2 users imported to the context (110), pete_test and sandra_linux. To import the users:

$ /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createuser --csv-import myuserlist.csv


Language codes: you can use the same you have in the language menue for the user, like de_DE, en_GB, en_US, jp_JP ...

A list of timezones: Wikipedia:Zone.tab