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How to request a change for OXaaS


You are customer of the OXaaS and have a Support Keys. Furthermore you want a request a change for the service.


Send an E-Mail to <oxaas-change AT> and provide the following information within the E-Mail body. Please take care to put your Support Key always to the top. If you provide more than one key the first recognised key wins.

 Subject: The subject should give a high level description of the Change Request and is used as Title
 Reason: give the reason why the change is needed
 Description: provide a meaningful description of the desired change
 Server url: provide the URL of the service (tenant url)
 further information you might think is important comes here...

example E-Mail:

 To: oxaas-change AT
 Subject: renewal of ssl certificates
 Support Key: OX-SUPPORT-OR-LICENSE-KEY-123123123123 
 Reason: our ssl certificates expire in 40 days
 Description: please change certificates on the systems
 Server URL:
 attached my new encrypted certificates, please proceed.
 thank you.

If all of the above information has been provided, a confirmation mail is sent from Open-Xchange's ticket system which includes the ticket number for that incident.