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Using Xing with OX App Suite

This page describes how to get an API-key needed for the XING integration features available starting with App Suite version 7.6.


  • go to
  • log in with a valid xing account. (Please note that upon entering production status the app and the personal account used to create it will be decoupled. So there is no need to use a company account here.)
  • click "+ Create App" in the upper right
  • enter reasonable app and developer details (especially the postal address is important because the 2nd half of the API-key will be sent there)
  • select "web" as "Type of app"
  • the app information (including logo) is what will be shown to the enduser when he decides whether to allow the app access to his xing-data
  • set the domain of your App Suite server as "Callback domain" (e.g. "")
  • enter this text for "Description (English)":

Use this connector to synchronize your XING contacts with Open-Xchange App Suite, see the public XING-profile of people sending you email, synchronize your personal information with your XING-profile, see and write XING messages and connect via XING to your contacts from within Open-Xchange App Suite. For this we humbly require the access rights to your profile and connection information you see above.
The XING activity stream will be shown in a widget of the OX App Suite portal.
You will be able to post updates from the OX App Suite portal that contain links.
The personal data of your XING-profile can be updated with your data in the OX App Suite addressbook with the press of one button whenever you want.

  • select access rights so they match those in this screenshot

Screenshot 1, showing the rights to request

  • enter the first PIN (sent via email to the address given under "Company Profile" -> "Email address". Check your spam folder if you do not get this immediately, more often than not it is recognized as spam.)
  • enter the second PIN (sent via _regular_ mail to the postal address given under "Company Profile". Please note that this may take up to a week.)
  • you will see 2 API-keys: "Consumer key" and "Consumer secret".
  • enter those keys in /opt/open-xchange/etc/

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