AppSuite:Writing a simple application with embedded iframe

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API status: In Development

Writing a simple application with an embedded iframe

Provide an iframe for the content area

Developing an app with an iframe for the content area is quite easy. All it needs is a manifest file (manifest.json) and the app file (main.js).

Both should be located in an designated folder in the apps folder. In this example the namespace 'com.example' will be used. (apps/com.example)

To make use of the provided helper function io.ox/core/tk/iframe has to be required in the define section.

define('com.example/main', [
], function (createIframeApp, gt) {

    'use strict';

    var iframeApp = createIframeApp({
        name: 'com.example', // the name of the app
        title: gt('Hallo, World!'), // the title of the app as used in the launcher
        pageTitle: gt('Hallo, World!'), // the page Title
        domain: '', // the domain which should be used for the iframe 
        cssNamespace: 'hallo_world', // a css class used for namespacing,
        acquireToken: true // generates a login token and appends it to the supplied url

    return {
        getApp: iframeApp.getApp

Add app to the launcher

To display an additional app in the launcher, the property 'topbar': true has to be set in the manifest.json file of the app. To define the order, use the index value in the manifest.json file.

    "title": "Hallo, World!",
    "company": "external",
    "icon": "/images/icon.png",
    "category": "Dev",
    "settings": false,
    "index": 10000,
    "topbar": true

Reorder / remove apps from launcher

To define a custom order of the apps or remove an app from the laucher the server-side setting topbar/order can be used to provide a comma-separated list of apps which should be available in the launcher.

Example: io.ox/core//topbar/order=io.ox/mail,com.example,io.ox/contacts,io.ox/portal

An app which is not listed here, is not available in the launcher anymore.