AppSuite:Writing a simple application with embedded iframe

API status: In Development

Writing a simple application with an embedded iframe

Provide an iframe for the content area

Developing an additional app with an iframe for the content area is quite easy. All it needs is a manifest file manifest.json and the app file main.js.

Both should be located in an designated folder in the apps folder. In this example the namespace com.example will be used. (apps/com.example)

To make use of the provided helper function io.ox/core/tk/iframe has to be required in the define section.

define('com.example/main', [
], function (createIframeApp, gt) {

    'use strict';

    var iframeApp = createIframeApp({
        name: 'com.example',
        title: gt('Hallo, World!'),
        pageTitle: gt('Hallo, World!'),
        domain: '',
        cssNamespace: 'hallo_world',
        acquireToken: true

    return {
        getApp: iframeApp.getApp

The following option for creating the app are available:

       name: 'com.example‘, // the name of the app
       title: gt('Hallo, World!‘), // the title of the app as used in the AppLauncher
       pageTitle: gt('Hallo, World!‘), // the page Title
       domain: '', // the domain which should be used for the iframe 
       cssNamespace: 'hallo_world‘ // a css class used for namespacing,
       acquireToken: true // generates a login token and appends it to the supplied url

Make sure you build the app (grunt clean default)

Add app to the launcher

To display an additional App in the AppLauncher, the property „'topbar': true has to be set in the manifest.json file of the app. To define the order position use the index value in the manifest.json file.

    "title": "Hallo, World!",
    "company": "external",
    "icon": "/images/icon.png",
    "category": "Dev",
    "settings": false,
    "index": 10000,
    "topbar": true

reorder / remove Apps from AppLauncher

To define a custom order of the apps or remove an app from the AppLaucher the server-side setting topbar/order can be used to provide a comma-separated list of apps which should be available in the AppLauncher.

Example: io.ox/core//topbar/order=io.ox/mail,io.ox/contacts,io.ox/portal

An app which is not listed here ain’t available in the AppLauncher.