AppSuite:Web Tests

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OX App Suite Web Tests

Functional tests for the web interface of OX App Suite simulate end-user operations. To use it, you can either download a pre-built jar-package or you can clone the source files from the repository and compile yourself.

Option 1: Downloading the pre-built package

Simply download the package and follow the execution information provided in the sample-tests project:

Download the desired version from artifactory (e.g. 7.8.4):

Option 2: Building tests on your own (or creating your own test-project)

Clone the tests from the repository and follow the instructions provided in the sample-tests project:

Clone the desired version (e.g. 7.8.4):

$ git clone -b 7.8.4

After cloning and building you can follow the configuration and execution steps shown in the sample-tests project.

Keep in mind that you have to adapt the project names and paths according to your environment.