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<div class="title">AppSuite UI</div>
#REDIRECT [[Portal:AppSuite UI]]
This page contains articles about the inner workings of the UI.
It is aimed at software developers that want to improve on existing features, implement extensions or just gain a general understanding.
== Getting started ==
* [[AppSuite:UI developer primer| Skills needed to develop the UI]]
* [[AppSuite:Getting started developing the UI | Getting started developing the UI]]
* [[AppSuite:UI_Development_Style_Guide | UI Development Style Guide]]
* [[AppSuite:Apache Configuration | Apache Configuration]]
== How-to articles ==
* [[AppSuite:Extending_the_UI_(Hands-on_introduction)| Extending the UI (Hands-on introduction)]]
* [[AppSuite:Extending_the_UI | Extending the UI]]
* [[AppSuite:i18n | Internationalization (i18n)]]
* [[AppSuite:Modifying forms by using extension points | Modifying forms by using extension points]]
* [[AppSuite:Theming | Theming]]
* [[AppSuite:Upsell | Upsell]]
* [[AppSuite:Writing a portal plugin | Writing a portal plugin]]
* [[AppSuite:Writing a simple application | Writing a simple application]]
* [[AppSuite:Writing a notification area plugin | Writing a plugin for the notification area]]
* [[AppSuite:UI manifests explained | UI manifests explained]] - Vik, Cisco?
== Miscellaneous articles ==
* [[AppSuite:External libraries for the UI | External libraries used by the UI]]
* All articles regarding the UI are filed in the  category [[:Category:UI]]

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