AppSuite:Test basics

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Lessons learned painfully while doing testing:

  • PhantomJS thinks it is a touch device (Modernizr.touch === true)
  • Almost no CSS is loaded. Don't rely on classes like "hidden" (bootstrap class)
  • Turn off CSS transitions - any DOM-based test might fail (caused by random DOM reflow delay)
  • Don't clear <body> (e.g. $(document.body).empty()). UI is not robust against that.
  • The browser window is elastic. It has no fixed size. Usually affects scrolling tests.
  • If weird things happen, try to check if your app/window/node is really still in the DOM.
  • HTML fixtures cannot be loaded (don't know why yet); just rename your files to *.txt
  • Please mind that your fake server only works inside "description" (not across specs)
  • PhantomJS fails at: Date.parse("2012-01-01"); (see
  • The fake server is global, if someone has registered your desired api/call already, your response will never get send