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Since we are a bit different at Open-Xchange, we have not one but two "definitions of done": Our sprints are two weeks or ten work days long. The first seven are about geting the feature implemented, the last three about polishing it. Each part has its own definition of done.

7 days

  • Documentation in OXpedia
  • Tested once on a browser set to emulate a 320x480px device
  • Tested with either an iOS or an Android device
  • Tasks in Pivotal Tracker are all checked
  • Code has been merged into origin/develop
  • i18n and l10n are taken care of
    • #debug-i18n=1 does not complain
  • Code is commented where necessary
    • JSDoc-style comments at least on module APIs
    • Contents of Baton and option objects are described

3 days

  • Tested with all permutations of iOS/Android and smartphone/tablet
  • Tested with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE9
  • At least one smoke test is written
    • If it is a fix for an L3 bug, one test is written
  • Checked for responsiveness criteria (e.g. busy(), notifications)
  • slow & fail parameters have been experimented with, ox.load() is used instead of require
  • Performance is tested
  • Theming works (use the pink theme)
  • All software change requests have been started (in case of API changes, new settings...)
  • A11Y checks done.