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== Download & Installation OX Spreadsheet ==
== Download & Installation OX Spreadsheet ==

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This information is valid from 7.8.0

Download & Installation OX Spreadsheet

General Information

OX Spreadsheet is a browser based, cloud ready, spreadsheet product that can work with Microsoft Excel documents in a lossless way. And you can also collaborate with other people to edit shared spreadsheets on various devices.

Learn more about the highlights of OX Spreadsheet here: OX Spreadsheet Product Guide.


See the Open-Xchange software requirements page for details.

OX Spreadsheet needs to be installed in an OX App Suite configuration with a backend based on Grizzly .

For compatibility with XLS files (not XLSX) and for printing functionality in OX Spreadsheet the document converter components (incl. readerengine) are required. These are not available in the Community Version of OX AppSuite.

Installation Types

The following article give you a complete guide of necessary tasks with a hardware and setup recommendation for different Spreadsheet hosting environments: