AppSuite:Setup CIFS

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Setup a CIFS Account as primary or additional FileStorage Account


Packages ‘open-xchange-file-storage-cifs’ and ‘open-xchange-file-storage-cmis’ are installed.

Definition of an CIFS Account

As Web frontend currently misses the view/possibility to manage file storage accounts, we need to setup the CIFS account per configuration.

An account-related configuration line serves the following pattern: “” + <account-identifier> + “.” + <property-name> + “=” + <property-value>

Thus we add the following lines to ‘’ file:

## Test for default/primary account; indicated through “0” as account identifier"Test CIFS"
## For testing only, we append the credentials


And for an additional CIFS account:

## Test for additional account; arbitrary, but unique identifier.
## Typically the service’s protocol name; e.g. “webdav”, “cifs”, “cmis”, …"Test CIFS"
## For testing only, we append the credentials

The special identifier “0” marks an account as a candidate for a user’s primary account. Secondary primary accounts are only considered, if InfoStore is not deployed and/or deactivated. Therefore stop appropriate bundle via:

$ /opt/open-xchange/sbin/stopbundle