Howto configure push into the App Suite Web UI


This HOWTO should provide a guideline to configure a push mechanism into the App Suite UI based on websockets. The push implementation in the current version of App Suite can provide push methods for email and for calendar data.

General push

The general method to transport push to the UI is based on websockets which is a web-technology to allow a web page to communicate with the web server full duplex.

This also means that any loadbalancers or reverse proxies in front of the Apache instances used for App Suite need to support websockets transparently.

Implementing this part already allows the system to push appointment updates via push to the webinterface.


You can find the documentation how to setup websockets for your OX App Suite system here:

Push Notification Service

In addition it is required to install and configure the generic push notifications and specifically the websocket transport as described here:

Push for new mail

In order to allow also new mail notifications and direct appearance of new mails in the mailbox there are additional components to be configured:

Mail push implementation

There needs to be a suitable push implementation. It is highly recommended to use the Dovecot push integration described here:

Enabling the webinterface to request mail push

The client open-xchange-appsuite needs to be added to the property com.openexchange.push.allowedClients (typically in the file /opt/open-xchange/etc/


com.openexchange.push.allowedClients="USM-EAS*", "open-xchange-appsuite"