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Overview of available Open-Xchange Plugins

Core Plugins

Name Description Documentation
open-xchange-contextrestore Plugin to restore one or more contexts from a complete database dump
open-xchange-authentication-ldap Authentication against LDAP server
open-xchange-authentication-imap Authentication against LDAP server
open-xchange-configjump-generic Integrate custom configuration website
open-xchange-dataretention / open-xchange-dataretention-csv Module to be used for data retention (german: Vorratsdatenspeicherung) open-xchange-dataretention-csv is an example implementation of the data retention service
open-xchange-commons-logging-log4j / open-xchange-log4j These packages must be installed when Open-Xchange should use syslog Syslog configuration

Additional Plugins

Name Description Documentation
open-xchange-upsell-generic Basic examples to implement an up sell layer in Open-Xchange Upsell package description
open-xchange-easylogin Example package to implement the EasyLogin mechanism

Custom Plugins

Name Description Documentation