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Overview of available Open-Xchange Plugins

Core Plugins

These plugins are part of the Open-Xchange Server Core platform.

Name Description Documentation
open-xchange-authentication-ldap Authentication against LDAP server
open-xchange-authentication-imap Authentication against IMAP server Authentication imap plugin description
open-xchange-admin-plugin-contextrestore Plugin to restore one or more contexts from a complete database dump
open-xchange-dataretention / open-xchange-dataretention-csv Module to be used for data retention (german: Vorratsdatenspeicherung) open-xchange-dataretention-csv is an example implementation of the data retention service
open-xchange-commons-logging-log4j / open-xchange-log4j These packages must be installed when Open-Xchange should use syslog Syslog configuration
open-xchange-contacts-ldap Integrate LDAP address book into Open-Xchange public folder tree
open-xchange-subscribe-crawler The open-xchange Social OX PlugIn bundle to subscribe/import data Architecture of the Social OX PlugIn bundle
open-xchange-upsell-multiple Implementing an up sell layer in Open-Xchange Upsell package description
open-xchange-report-client Tool to display and report the amount of users and contexts in the Open-Xchange environment Report Client description
open-xchange-passwordchange-script Use an external command to change a password Example Script
open-xchange-publish-microformats Publishing of Open-Xchange internal data structures like contacts, documents. Publishing Data with Open-Xchange
open-xchange-calendar-printing Generating printviews of calendar items Publishing Data with Open-Xchange
open-xchange-audit User action tracking bundle Audit bundle description
open-xchange-push-mailnotify Accepting external new mail notifications Mail Notification (Push) with Open-Xchange
open-xchange-push-imapidle Mail push using IMAP IDLE Mail Notification (Push) with Open-Xchange
open-xchange-subscribe-msn MSN subscription Windows Live / MSN
open-xchange-messaging-twitter Twitter messaging Twitter
open-xchange-subscribe-linkedin LinkedIn subscription LinkedIn
open-xchange-admin-plugin-reseller Reseller provisioning plugin Install the Open-Xchange Reseller package
open-xchange-caldav open-xchange-carddav open-xchange-webdav-acl open-xchange-webdav-directory Bundles implementing CalDAV and CardDAV functionalities for Open-Xchange Using the CalDAV and CardDAV bundles
open-xchange-messaging-sms open-xchange-messaging-sms-gui open-xchange-messaging-sms-gui-theme-default Bundles offering the SMS/MMS interfaces for Open-Xchange Developing a SMS/MMS gateway implementation

Additional Plugins

The plugins listed here are not - yet - part of the Core platform and may or may not ever be part of the Open-Xchange Core platform.

These plugins are not supported by Open-Xchange with the exception of concrete projects. Please contact us for more details.

Name Description Documentation

Custom Plugins

The following list consists of plugins, that Open-Xchange developed for specific customers. It is an overview of what is possible to do with the Open-Xchange integration platform.

If you want Open-Xchange to develop a specific plugin for you, please contact us for more details.

Name Description
MAL Plugin which replaces the standard imap/smtp plugin to access the mail store with a customer specific plugin, e.g. directly access a maildir mailstore.
Upsell If the example upsell plugin does not fit your needs or has some missing functionality, do not hesitate to contact us.
Spam It's possible to integrate the built in mark as SPAM/HAM functionality into almost any solution.
Authentication Authentication can be done against every system that allows to specify a username/password combination.
Migration from OX5 to OX6 Migration plugin that updates the user passwords in OX6 Database after a successful login to the OX5 LDAP service. That way, passwords can be migrated automatically from any LDAP to OX6 database.
Corporate Integration: EasyLogin The EasyLogin mechanism allows to login into Open-Xchange from other applications without specifying username and password again.
Corporate Integration: ConfigJump Integrate your own configuration application in the Open-Xchange settings tree.
UI Customization A lot of customization can be done in the Open-Xchange UI. Starting from themes to the integration of custom modules and functions.