AppSuite:OX Upsell

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OX Upsell is the only real way to achieve manageable in-app upsell within the OX App Suite. Predefined triggers in proven, meaningful locations and a context-sensitive upsell layer enhance OX App Suite. It helps you increase awareness of up-sellable and cross-sellable products while taking advantage of impulse purchase opportunities by removing barriers to purchase. OX Upsell can be fully customized, can integrate and work with existing provisioning infrastructure and can help generate vital added revenue.

Key Features

  • Cross- & upselling inside the OX App Suite
  • In-app conversions through layer (OX Wizard)
  • Customizable to your individual requirements

Please see the Product Guide of OX Upsell for more information.


OX Upsell activates features that reside inside OX App Suite. For this reason, it possesses the same technical requirements as the OX App Suite. Please contact Open-Xchange Sales for further information.


Please refer to the technical documentation of OX Upsell