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API status: In Development

OX Sync App (soon to be released)

OX Sync App is a native mobile phone app built specifically for smartphone users of Android, that also have a valid OX App Suite account. The app is designed to let users sync their OX App Suite Appointments, Tasks and Contacts environment directly from a native mobile phone client. On the base of the implementation as sync adapter, it integrates seamlessly with the default Android calendar- and contacts apps.

The OX Sync App has been designed specifically for ease-of-use and is available for Android only.

Please Note: With this app Open-Xchange has also created a new branding concept for the customers and partners. More information can be found in the chapter [ Branding/Customization Concept for Partners and Customers]

Key Features

Synchronization of Appointments and Tasks

  • Supports all Android versions since Android 2.2
  • Sync-Support of OX Task with the native task app
  • Sync-Support of OX Calendar with the native appointment app
  • Synchronization of OX Calendar Colors
  • Synchronize of all private, shared and public OX Calendar folder
  • Full support of recurring appointments, tasks and exceptions
  • Support of Time Zones which also be used in OX App Suite

Synchronization of Contacts

  • Synchronization of Name, Title and Position
  • Synchronization of Website, Instant Messengers and contact information

Pricing & Availability

This OX Sync App is available for Android and can be downloaded for free from the corresponding App Store. Availability will be confirmed by Open-Xchange via the usual communication channels.

Please note: The exact date when the clients become available depends on the approval process of the respective app store.

Please contact your Open-Xchange account manager for further information and pricing details.


The requirements are listed at OX Sync App and Platform Requirements.

Installation of the Clients

The OX Sync App is available via the App Store of Android:

Note: OX Sync App was designed to work on Smartphones. In some rare cases devices with very large screens (greater than 5.6") might be recognized as tablets by the Play Store. In this case, OX Sync App will not show up and can not be installed on your device.