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API status: In Development

OX Sync App (soon to be released)

OX Sync App is a native mobile phone app built specifically for smartphone users of Android, that also have a valid OX App Suite account. The app is designed to let users sync their OX App Suite Appointments, Tasks and Contacts environment directly from a native mobile phone client. On the base of the implementation as sync adapter, it integrates seamlessly with the default Android calendar- and contacts apps.

The OX Sync App has been designed specifically for ease-of-use and is available for Android only.

Please Note: With this app Open-Xchange has also created a new branding concept for the customers and partners. More information can be found in the chapter [ Branding/Customization Concept for Partners and Customers]

Key Features

Synchronization of Appointments and Tasks

  • Supports all Android versions since Android 2.2
  • Sync-Support of OX Task with the native task app
  • Sync-Support of OX Calendar with the native appointment app
  • Synchronization of OX Calendar Colors
  • Synchronize of all private, shared and public OX Calendar folder
  • Full support of recurring appointments, tasks and exceptions
  • Support of Time Zones which also be used in OX App Suite

Synchronization of Contacts

  • Synchronization of Name, Title and Position
  • Synchronization of Website, Instant Messengers and contact information

Pricing & Availability

This OX Sync App is available for Android and can be downloaded for free from the corresponding App Store. Availability will be confirmed by Open-Xchange via the usual communication channels.

Please note: The exact date when the clients become available depends on the approval process of the respective app store.

Please contact your Open-Xchange account manager for further information and pricing details.


The requirements are listed at OX Sync App and Platform Requirements.