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*OX Engage
*OX Engage
Please find more details on our [https://www.open-xchange.com/services/ox-services/monetization/ OX Monetization service page] or contact the [mailto:monetization-team@open-xchange.com OX Monetization Team] for detailed information.
Please contact the [mailto:monetization-team@open-xchange.com OX Monetization Team] for detailed information.
==OX Display==
==OX Display==

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OX Monetization

Our approach User Base Monetization (UBM) helps you leverage your communications strategy and grow your business by maintaining meaningful conversations with your customers.

Boost your marketing strategy, whether by displaying/sending adverts (in-house and third-party), upselling premium features, or driving customers to other corners of your portfolio by using cutting edge marketing solutions:

  • OX Display
  • OX Upsell
  • OX Engage

Please contact the OX Monetization Team for detailed information.

OX Display

Banner ads can be displayed in various OX App Suite locations in the product’s user interface. These features make OX Display the perfect tool to monetize the webmail solution. OX Display turns OX App Suite into a publishing channel for internal and external display advertising. This lets you promote third-party but also your own products, services and raise awareness.

OX Upsell

It enhances OX App Suite with built-in and customizable pre-defined triggers in prime locations. Convenient triggers promote cross- and upselling opportunities to paid solutions, premium features, and additional value-added services (VAS)—either stand-alone or as packages. When triggered, OX Upsell presents a fully customizable and context-sensitive layer that lets the user instantly make a purchase.

OX Engage

It allows you to place any kind of message into the inbox of your users, i.e. newsletters, third-party emails, retargeting messages, alerts, etc. OX Engage displays emails in your customers’ inboxes using our patented (US9531785B1) IMAP injection solution, thereby allowing you to monetize users irrespective of their preferred email client. Whether they use webmail, desktop clients, or mobile apps, your users will receive your email communication on all devices.