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Pre-Information - OX Mail (In Production)

OX Mail is a native mobile phone app built specifically for smartphones users that also have a valid OX App Suite account. The app is designed to lets users access their OX App Suite email environment directly from a native mobile phone client.

OX Mail enables users to synchronize mails between a variety of devices (phones, tablets and laptops) and OX App Suite. OX Mail consists of two elements: The OX Mail component that is built into OX App Suite and the native OX Mail app.

OX Mail is a native app designed specifically for an associated platforms and devices. This gives a user full access to their mails anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The OX Mail app has been designed specifically for ease-of-use and is available for both iOS and Android.

Please Note: OX Mail app and the server side push functionality will be finally available beginning of August. With the new native app, Open-Xchange also provides a new branding concept for the customers and partners. More information in the chapter Integrated Branding/Customization Concept for Partners and Customers


Server-side Installation and Configuration

With OX Mail, Open-Xchange will also provide server based PUSH functionalities.

The PUSH functionality depends on the used mail backend. Out of the box, PUSH functionality will be available for Dovecot Pro, in combination with additional plugins (Only available for Dovecot Pro customers).

If you are not using Dovecot Pro as the mail backend, your mail backend has to actively notify the Open-Xchange middleware servers about new eMails. This implies the creation of an additional OX middleware plugin, to receive those notifications.

Please contact your assigned pre-sales / prof. services contact for details.

Requirement System / Platform / User Interface / Server Capability
OX App Suite OX App Suite v7.6.2 (latest patch version 2569 W27)
OX Mail (App) for iOS Apple iOS 7, Apple iOS 8 (tablet support in a later version)
OX Mail (App) for Android Smartphone on Android 4.1 or later (tablet support in a later version)
Server Capability Ensure that all user who should get access to the Mail App have the capability com.openexchange.capability.mobile_mail_app

Key features

  • Easy to use start-up wizard.
  • Standard folders plus the ability to create folders and sub- folders.
  • Standard compose fields such as To, Subject, Cc, Bcc and Attachments.
  • Received email attachments can be displayed.
  • Contact integration of local contacts and OX App Suite address book contacts.
  • Support for PUSH notifications (available only if the OX App Suite Server provides the corresponding push functionality). Note: PUSH notifications require a server side OX App Suite middleware plugin. This plugin is only available for a limited number of email servers. Dovecot Pro is supported out of the box.
  • Custom mail signature.
  • Integration of an easy branding/customizing concept

A more detailed overview of all the improvements to OX Mail, can be found at:

Integrated Branding/Customization Concept for Partners and Customers

To enable Open-Xchange customers and partners to use the new OX Mail, Open-Xchange integrated an easy branding/customizing option. The OX Mail has integrated a functionality to provide a defined provider list directly at the login screen of the new OX Mail app. With this new concept, it is possible to provide an own brand easily during runtime. This means:

  • The App is „super flat“, there aren’t much elements that need to styled to match any brand
  • The App does not use any logos inside, it simply disclaims the use of pixel images at any point.
  • The App has a hosted config service and startup wizard. During the wizard an enduser can select his provider from a list. The App then get’s the branding information from the config service and changes it’s theme

If any customer is interested to be participate as launch partner and will be willing to integrate the Mail App into his offering until the launch, please contact your Open-Xchange Sales representative. Open-Xchange will provide further information about the necessary information like

  • Commitment that you have installed latest App Suite 7.6.2 incl. latest patch (upcoming Patch 2569 - schedule for CW 27).
  • Full URL, where the App Suite service is reachable for web clients.
  • Two Test-Accounts of your App Suite based service, where we can verify that the App Suite system works as expected.
  • A “logo”, “name”, “description” of your service. Those infos will be used in the app itself and App Store description.
  • A preferred color (CI color), which Open-Xchange will use inside the app, once the user has choose to use your service via the provider list.

Pricing & Availability

This email app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from the corresponding App Stores. The availability of the various clients depends on the approval process of the supplying provider. Clients for iOS and Android will be made available from the App Store and Google Play. The availability of the various clients will be confirmed by Open-Xchange via the usual communication channels. The Open-Xchange Middleware components can be downloaded from the respective download repositories.

Please contact Open-Xchange Sales for further information about branding and pricing details.

Enabling OX Mail for Users

OX Mail is enabled for all users that have the capability com.openexchange.capability.mobile_mail_app

More details about capabilities can be found at AppSuite:Capabilities. Furthermore, this capability can be defined in a more granular way using the Config Cascade as described at ConfigCascade.

IMPORTANT: By default, the capability for the OX Mail app is set to false for all users. It can be changed by editing the corresponding capability in the "" config file, or if you need a more fine grained selection of enabled users, you can use the well known provisioning tools / config cascade.

Installation of the Clients

The OX Mail will be available via the different App Stores for iOS and Android by August 2015