AppSuite:OAuth client management

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The following command-line tools are available with v7.8.1


createoauthclient is the tool to create a new OAuth client app.


-h,--help Prints a help text
--environment Show infoabout commandline environment
--nonl Remove all newlines (\n) from output
--responsetimeout <integer> response timeout in seconds for reading response from the backend (default 0s; infinite) Available with v7.8.0
-c/--context-group-id <string> The id of the context group
-n/--name <string> The name for the OAuth client app
-d/--description <string> The description for the OAuth client app
-w/--website <string> The client website
-o/--contact-address <string> The contact address for the OAuth client app
-i/--icon-path <string> Path to an image file which acts as a icon for the OAuth client
-s/--default-scope <string> The default scope of the OAuth client
--urls <string> The redirect urls of the OAuth client as a comma-separated list

Extra parameters when authentication is enabled

-A,--adminuser <string> Context admin user name
-P,--adminpass <string> Context admin password

Return value

0 on success

>0 on failure

Mandatory parameters

context-group-id {adminuser adminpass} name description website contact-address icon-path default-scope urls

Command output

On success:

The registration of oauth client was successful

On failure:

The registration of oauth client has failed


enableoauthclient is the tool to enable(disable a certain OAuth client app.