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This information is valid from 7.8.0

Metrics - Events

A list of all tracked events identified with their composite id (app, ui element, action, detail). Please notice that words within box brackets are used as placeholders.

For more information please visit he other metrics articles.



  [action] the data-action property of the action node

EventId Trigger
core/banner/title Click on header title
core/banner/logo Click on header logo

File Viewer

EventId Trigger
core/viewer/toolbar/[action] User clicks on action while using the file viewer


EventId Trigger
core/toolbar/[action] Upsell event triggered
settings/folder/select/[type] Click on a specific folder/part in the setting


EventId Trigger
core/toolbar/help/[type] Help action was clicked

Guided Tours

EventId Trigger
core/toolbar/guided-tour/[type] Click on 'Start guided tour for this app'


A event triggers when an app started. The measure time is between the click on the app launcher and the moment the app was loaded (via ox.launch)

EventId Trigger
core/loadtime/[appname]/[time] Click on app launcher

Client Onboarding

EventId Trigger
core/client-onboarding/platform/select Click on platform within wizard dialog (1. Step)
core/client-onboarding/device/select Click on device within wizard dialog (2. Step)
core/client-onboarding/scenario/select Click on scenario within wizard dialog (3. Step)
core/client-onboarding/action/select Click on action within wizard dialog (3. Step)
core/client-onboarding/action/execut Click on action button (3. Step)
core/client-onboarding/mode/toggle Toggle normal and expert mode


EventId Trigger
core/upsell/[upsell.type]/[] Clicks (settings, my contact data, help, getting started, fullscreen, about, sign out) within the context menu of our settings icon at the top right.



EventId Trigger
portal/toolbar/add/[type] Click on “Add widget” button in upper right area of portal.
portal/toolbar/add/[type] Click on a specific widget to “install” it on the portal page.
portal/widgets/show-detail/[type] Click on the area of the widget, which gets displayed.
portal/widget/disable/[type] Click on the remove widget icon (“X”)
portal/widget/change-order/[type] Reordering a widget into another location on the screen.


EventId Trigger
Select mail by click on the list/grid (layout: vert, horiz, compact, list)
Clicks on a email action
mail/folders/folder/select/[type] Clicks on a folder in the mail folder tree (type: primary, external)
mail/folder/account/add Clicks on “Add new mail account”
mail/settings/account/add Clicks within “Social + Mail Accounts” on “Add account”


EventId Trigger
Select contact by click on the list/grid
contacts/folder/select/[type] Clicks on a folder in the contact folder tree (folder-type: private, public, shared)
contacts/toolbar/[action] Clicks on a a contact action


EventId Trigger
calendar/toolbar/[action] Clicks on calendar toolbar action
calendar/[layout-mode]/select Clicks on appointments within non-list layout modes
calendar/[layout-mode]/create Clicks on blank space within non-list layout modes to create appointment
calendar/folder/select/[type] Clicks on a folder in the contact folder tree (folder-type: private, public, shared)
calendar/folder/permissions Clicks on the “cloud” icon and the “User” icon next to the folder name
calendar/folder/context-menu/[action] Clicks within the context menu, which pops up, when you click on a folder name and its menu icon
calendar/detail/toolbar/[action] Clicks on calendar detail view toolbar action


EventId Trigger
tasks/folder/select/[type] Clicks on a folder in the contact folder tree (folder-type: private, public, shared)
tasks/folder/context-menu/[action] Clicks within the context menu, which pops up, when you click on a folder name and its menu icon
tasks/toolbar/[action] Clicks on tasks toolbar action
tasks/detail/[action] Clicks on task detail view toolbar action


EventId Trigger
drive/folder/select/[type] Clicks on a folder in drive folder tree (folder-type: HTTP API (standard_folder_type) + '.' + HTTP API (folder_type))
drive/folder/context-menu/[action] Clicks within the context menu, which pops up, when you click on a folder name and its menu icon
drive/toolbar/[action] Clicks on drive toolbar action

Text App (aka Text Portal)

EventId Trigger
text-portal/toolbar/[action] Clicks on Text App toolbar action (text-newblank, text-open)
text-portal/recentlist/[action] Clicks on documents in the recent list (text-edit)
text-portal/templates/[action] Clicks on templates (text-newfromtemplate, text-newblank)

Spreadsheet App (aka Spreadsheet Portal)

EventId Trigger
spreadsheet-portal/toolbar/[action] Clicks on Spreadsheet App toolbar action (spreadsheet-newblank, spreadsheet-open)
spreadsheet-portal/recentlist/[action] Clicks on documents in the recent list (spreadsheet-edit)
spreadsheet-portal/templates/[action] Clicks on templates (spreadsheet-newfromtemplate, spreadsheet-newblank)

Text Editor

EventId Trigger
text-editor/toolbar/[action] Clicks on Text Editor toolbar nyi