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= Under Construction =
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Under Construction


  • Installation and Administration Guide
  • Provisioning of users and groups
  • User Guide
  • Quick Guide

OXtender for Business Mobility

  • OXtender for Business Mobility User Guide

OXtender 2 for MS Outlook

  • OXtender for MS Outlook User Guide

Client Updater

  • Open-Xchange Client Updater User Guide

Mobile Web Interface

  • Mobile Web Interface User Guide


Documentation and Examples


Open-Xchange Plugins

Open-Xchange is using the OSGi architecture to have maximum extensibility and flexibility. Many parts of Open-Xchange Server can be replaced by different OSGi components, which are called Bundles.

If you have further requests, this document describes the Open-Xchange feature prioritization process and the options for partners and customers to either feed feature requests into this process or to order custom feature implementations.

Community OXtender


Open-Xchange Munin integration


My Registrations

In case you have purchased any Open-Xchange Support, register all received Keys within our License Database (LDB). Details can be found at

Support Overview

Open-Xchange offers you professional support during implementation as well as during operation. Depending on the different operational areas of our solutions, we offer

Support Offerings

Open-Xchange supports you with professional support during the implementation as well as during operating conditions. Further information at

Contact Support

You have a valid support contract and need immediate help, have a look at

Support Definitions

Descriptions for all the important definitions and words needed for Open-Xchange's Support offerings.

Community resources